How to institute a claim

All claims should be submitted to Attaché Insurance Brokers within 30 days of the event. You can notify us through a representative.

Important points to remember

Please contact us as soon as reasonably possible if an event occurs that might lead to a claim;

  • A completed claim form may be required to process the claim;
  • All losses and motor accidents should be reported to the police (motor accidents within 24 hours);
  • The insurer takes over your rights after an event that may lead to a claim in terms of the subrogation clause;
  • The insurer has the legal right to decide whether the insured will be compensated for any loss or damage by repairing or replacing the property or settling the claim in cash;
  • It is very important to not admit liability to third parties. Any correspondence received from third parties must be forwarded to us immediately for further attention;
  • Always obtain full third party details such as vehicle registration numbers and contact details.

Submit a claim

Claim Forms are usually required by insurers as they request all the information applicable to the loss. The form also provides a declaration from the insured regarding the claim against the policy. The following claim forms are available for download.