Insurance Quotes

If you would like an insurance quote please contact one of our representatives. We take the time to ensure that you are quoted correctly as this is more important than being quoted quickly. Insurance is many times viewed as a single product offered by various companies but in reality there are differences in products offered. We tailor the policies to your specific requirements.

Important points to remember when requesting a quote:

  • Supply your full names, ID / Passport number, occupation and contact details;

  • Insurance companies usually require that a credit check be done;

  • On commercial quotes, please provide us with a full description of your business activities;

  • You can only insure property in which you have an insurable interest in (property that you legally own or have an interest in);

  • Remember to provide full details of the property to be insured including construction of buildings and security measures in place;

  • The use of vehicles is very important to disclose. Insurers usually differentiate between private use (if you work from your office or home), business use (if you see clients) and professional use (such as deliveries);

  • Always provide your driver's licence details (code, first date of issue and restrictions);

  • Lastly, your previous claims or losses have to be disclosed. If losses are not disclosed, insurers can repudiate claims under the policy due to non-disclosure.

Why is disclosure of information important?

Insurance policies are governed by the uberrima fides (utmost good faith) legal doctrine. This means that full disclosures need to be made about all the facts that may be material to the risk. If such disclosures are not made, the insurance policy may be voided. This is in contrast to other contracts that are based on the caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) doctrine.

It is always better to disclose too much information, rather than too little. A rule of thumb is that if you think something might be relevant to your risk, disclose it. You more than welcome to contact us or request a meeting so that your needs can be assessed.