When policies are arranged, and amendments are made

Advice is of great importance to a client when a broker does an analysis of the needs of a client and makes recommendations of how to insure to be properly covered at a competitive premium.

When claims are lodged

Advice is vital for accurate claims settlement. We conduct the negotiations with the claims staff of insurers, assessors and any other representatives of institutions whom might be involved like for example panel beaters.

We look at the circumstances that gave rise to a claim and then make sure that the insured is indemnified according to the cover offered by the policy. The settlements are checked before they are accepted in order to ensure that they are fair and accurate.

Risk Management

Where applicable, we assist clients to avoid certain risks, improvement of risks and the changing of risks with the purpose of saving premium and improvement of the claims experience of clients.

Portfolio Management

We service clients with insurance summaries to assist in the management of larger portfolios. This is to aid that insurance policies are accurate. The summary also includes uninsured risks to review your insurance needs.

Fees charged by us

We are remunerated by way of commission by insurance companies on a monthly basis when premiums are paid monthly and annually for premiums paid annually, for intermediary services. These intermediary services, according to the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act of 2002, do not include services for advice given and risk management suggested which are only offered by qualified brokers.

We also charge a small monthly broker fee on policies which are disclosed for the services that do not fall within the definition of intermediary services.