Why is advice important?

The importance of accurate advice when entering into a contract can not be emphasized enough.

You want a broker that can take the time to understand your risk and give you the correct advice regarding the risks you may face. This can only be offered by an experienced professional. It is not just about providing a product but taking a risk management approach and looking at the risk holistically. Our approach to insurance is to offer our client solutions to manage their risk effectively. By understanding the specific needs of the risk and offering a solution which is aimed at managing these risks a business owner can make informed decisions.

The approach to risks which businesses may face include:

  • Eliminating risks;
  • Transferring risks
  • Retaining risks;

Advice when you claim

We know how important competitive premiums are and we emphasize the importance of accurate claim settlement. Advice at claims stage is vital for accurate claims settlement. We work with our clients not just during the policy inception or renewal but also when claims are submitted. We look at the circumstances that gave rise to a claim and then make sure that the insured is indemnified according to the cover offered by the policy. The settlements are checked before they are accepted in order to ensure that they are fair and accurate. In today's day and age, it is not whether or not you can afford a broker but whether or not you can afford to be without one!

Fees charged by us

In order to ensure that the level of advice given to our clients are of the highest standard, we charge a small broker fee to our clients. Our fees are some of the lowest in the market. Due to the nature of the advice in short term insurance, we charge this fee as a fixed monthly amount per policy. In terms of the Revised Policyholder Protection Rules (PPR) that were issued on 15 December 2017 we need to obtain authorisation in order to charge this fee.